Consider your size and the types of workouts you do when purchasing your Cobra Grips.

Our Cobra Grips PRO lifting grips are exclusively designed to prevent weightlifting injuries and provide maximum stability for your wrist.

Female athletes love our Cobra Grips FIT weightlifting grips. Designed with a smaller wrist circumference than our PRO version, they’re perfect for female hands and can fit wrists up to 5.25”.

Our Cobra Grips FLEX lifting grips will be available soon! They give you the feeling of free motion and more mobility around your wrist, while at the same time protecting you. However, they do not have as much support as our PRO version. Our FLEX lifting grips are for people who want more mobility.

Always. Cobra Grips give you the same amount of protection as wearing gloves. But unlike gloves, Cobra Grips are cooler, as your hands are not completely covered. They also allow you to spin them around so you never have to remove them to grab a drink.

Yes, they are. As stated above, conventional straps put pressure on your wrists which can lead to nerve damage, carpel tunnel issues and vestibular damage. Cobra Grips protect you by allowing the weight you’re lifting to rest on the base of your hand, not on your wrist.

There’s many differences. Cobra Grips allow the weight you’re lifting to rest on the base of your hand – not on your wrist. On the other hand, conventional straps put pressure on your wrists. This can cause nerve damage, carpel tunnel issues and vestibular damage. Our patented lifting grip allows you to do any pushing or pulling exercise with complete control.

No need! You can just spin them around on your hand so that you can grab your water or choose a new playlist to listen to. You don’t need to remove them at all until you’re finished working out.

Cobra Grips can be used for any type of pushing or pulling exercises. When you’re doing a pushing exercise, like a bench press, the grip lays against your palm and protects your hand from the weightlifting bar. You’ll never have to worry about blisters or calluses again! When you’re performing a pulling exercise such as a dead lift or chin-up, you’ll notice that Cobra Grips give you excellent grip strength and totally eliminate grip fatigue.